Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Busy week

What a busy week it was last week!  Out for lunch in Rugely on Monday for  Kev's mum's 80th birthday, we had a lovely meal and caught up with relatives from Wales that we had not seen for a few years.

I then worked another week of nights at Leicester which was very busy, I did at times wonder why I was there, but just kept telling myself they money's good and I am not doing any more after December, I could then have all Dec and Jan at home, bliss.

Well I finally made my Sloe Gin I have got 11/2 litres in the back of the cupboard, should be ready for New Year.

Thats it for now, I will post some pics of the halloween goodie bags that I have made for Courtney, Morgan and Lacey.  I have also made some small ones for next door.

I will be very busy over the next few days finishing off a wedding cake that I have made for a Friends wedding on Saturday 2nd November, will post some pics after the wedding.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.  i am going to attempt to post on a regular basis just some jottings about what I am up to.  I will also post some of my cards and other craft projects.

We have just got home from a lovely week in the caravan at Finshades  woods near Stamford, me and kevin did some short walks and just chilled.
We collected some Sloe berries when out walking, the bushes were so full it just seemed a waste to leave them!!  I have put them in the freezer and tomorrow I will make my Sloe Gin, hopefully it will be ready for Christmas.

See you Soon