Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hello ...........

This is a little post to explain my absence from blog land.

My Husband and I have just started a new job as Assistant Wardens on a Touring caravan site.  This as involved moving from home for the next 7 months and living in our own touring caravan.
We do have some internet connection but not very good, and in the evenings we are so tired, being out in the fresh air, we have also found muscles that we had forgotten about. 
Whilst we get settled in, I will not be posting very often but I have scheduled some DT post and will try to visit your blogs when I can.


  1. Well I hope you get used to it Gail, I remember it well when I used to live on a caravan site, the wardens were always on call. xx

  2. That sounds exciting Gail... all the best to you both in your new jobs, Jx

  3. Enjoy the change of pace and location, Gail. Let us know how it goes.


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